Reintroducing Francesca (@franfaash), our eclectic soft girl from Atlanta, Georgia. Discover how she styles two of her favorite shoes from United Nude's SS24 collection. Let's get to know her reasons behind choosing the Mobius Hi in Mirror Silver and Craft Lo in Radiant below:

What drew you to the two styles you chose?
I was drawn to the platform sandal due to its innovative use of color and texture, while I felt pulled toward the sandal pump for its eye-catching metallic shade and intriguing ergonomic shape.

Where are you excited to wear this style?
I’m ecstatic to wear the Craft Lo sandals to a fun daytime party or a picnic with friends.

How would you style it?
I would style the Mobius Mid with elevated, chic spring basics in light pastels and the Craft Lo sandals with an urban-casual look, featuring a utility maxi skirt, for example.

Which celebrity would you recommend this shoe to?
I would recommend the Mobius Mid to Lily Collins, but more specifically her Emily in Paris counterpart, since she’s not afraid of any attention-drawing accessory. In a starkly different direction, I would encourage Zoë Kravitz to wear the Craft Lo shoe since she wears utilitarian and non-gendered looks gorgeously.

What do you want to share with our #YouinUN community on fashion and personal style?
Never let external forces dictate your sense of style. Trends are constantly changing, but taste does not. Listen to your internal voice and wear what makes you happy.

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